Playing on the Wheel at Opening

Playing on the Wheel at Opening

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Want to play on the wheel? Awesome! Come play and have all the fun you want!

Want to keep your pot? Great! It won't be ready to grab for about a week. We'll put it through the kiln for you, but it won't be food safe. You can paint it  and do whatever you want with it.

Want to glaze your pot so you can eat out of it? Isn't using something you made an amazing feeling? You can come back and glaze your pot about a week after the opening. After you glaze it, it'll take about a week to go through the kiln again. After that, it's food safe, microwaveable, dishwasher safe, etc. Like all things, it'll last longer if hand-washed.

Want to keep it and have us glaze it for you? Sure! We can do that. It'll take about 3 weeks after the Opening. It'll be dishwasher, microwave, and cereal approved.

Shipping & Returns

- No returns on open glazes or clay.

- We do not ship glazes when weather is under 50 degrees.

- Clay available for local pickup only. Address is 5812 E Tillman Rd, Fort Wayne, IN.

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"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

- Albert Einstein