Raku Firing

We're excited to offer Raku Firing during our Grand Opening on Sept 30! 
Anyone can participate.
- Are you a potter? Bring your own pot!
- Would you love to try to the firing process but don't have any pots? Buy one and glaze it yourself!
We love the Raku process. It's fast, fiery, and fun!
- You can glaze or not glaze your pot.
- Stick it in the kiln, use a blow torch to get it really hot really fast. 
- Take it out while it's red-hot
- You can make cool designs by burning horse hair or feathers onto it or...
- If you glazed it, it gets stuck in a burn barrel and catches everything inside on fire.
- After about 15-20 minutes of cooling down, you check out how it turned out!
Things to know:
- The process takes awhile. Please allow around 2 hours at the studio for the full process (this is actually one of the fastest kinds of pottery processes, believe it or not).
- Raku causes a lot of thermal shock. Think of going from a large bonfire into an ice-cold lake, but more extreme.
- Thermal shock makes it so things break decently easily, which means your pot might break. As we say at our studio in the tone of The Mandolorian, "This is the Clay." The fun is in the process and seeing what effects you can get.
- We want to make sure everyone stays safe in the process. The owner or another staff member will be the only person handling hot pots, and they'll be wearing safety gear. If you have kids with you, please make sure they stay in designated areas.
- I need a pot and glaze
- I've got a pot but need glaze
- I've got materials covered and need the kiln