Classes at Pottery Palooza

Pottery Palooza is day full of fun pottery experiences. You can wander around and watch everyone else have fun creating or jump in and create things yourself!

All pieces will be ready to pick up around 2 weeks after the event (around June 1) if you're glazing them at the event or choosing to come back and glaze them. If you choose to pay $10 and have the studio glaze them, they'll be done around 4 weeks after the event.


Classes with recommended ages:

Fidget Stones (all ages)           Any time        5 - 30 minutes      $5 /stone      

Luminaries  (4+ with help)       Any time        1-2 hours              $45 /luminary

Handbuilt Planters (14+)*       1-3 pm                                   $50 /person

One-Hour Pottery Wheel Lessons*    10 am - 1 pm                  $45 /person

HandBuilt Mugs (10+)             11 - 1 pm                                     $45 /person

Kids Monster Mugs (4+)         1 - 2:30 pm                                  $30 /person

* need to sign up before event


If you have some experience on the pottery wheel, we also have a pottery competition that runs from 1 - 4 pm!