Pottery Palooza Throwing Competition

 Pottery Competition! 

The Great Pottery Throwdown has us itching for challenges with other potters!

This fun competition will include potters at ALL levels, and YOU get to decide where you land.

We want as many potters as possible out playing in clay together, getting our hands dirty, and playfully harassing each other. Grab a friend and join the fun!

Cost:    $10

Prizes:  We're still compiling prizes, but we know that there will be Pottery Palooza Shirts, Fort Wayne Clay Gift Cards, and MudTools prizes, and we're waiting to hear a from others!


 Sign up to Compete Here


Beginners Competition  12 pm - 3 pm


- Blind throwing

- 2 pounds for height

- Altered piece of choice

Intermediate Competition   3 pm - 5 pm


- Blind Throwing a Bowl for width

- 3 pounds for height 

- Altered Piece of Choice

Advanced Competition    5 pm - 7 pm


- Blind Throwing 3 pound cylinder for height

- 5 pound moon jar (for height, width, and sphere)

- Altered Piece of Choice

                                 Sign up to Compete Here


Day:   Saturday, June 24

Time:    12 pm - 7 pm

Location:    Fort Wayne Clay

        5812 E Tillman Rd, FW